Brand Curation importance nowadays

Brand curation has become a must in every industry today. Having a strong brand ideology with core values is as important as having great products. You can't sell anything if your brande image doesn't look good. With the outburst of social medias in the last years, brand curation is a top priority for any player on the market.

For example, influencers' business is brand curationing itself. Many of them learned it on their end after loosing a lot of followers after a "social scandal". Everything can be known today so you can't hide and pretend when you have an important audience.

The streaming service HBOMax was launched recently and HBO Max Chief knew the power of the HBO brand and the good image it gave its service: “We knew that having HBO be fundamental to the platform was going to keep the stakes really high for us, yet we also knew that brand means something to the audience not only here domestically but around the world,” Greenblatt said. “We wanted to assign ourselves the task that any of the programming we add to this service … has got to be at that kind of quality level.”

Greenblatt noted that the HBO brand itself has been built on quality control and curation.

If you're looking to redesign your brand or to get insights about your brand, EIU Workshops offers a brand curation workshop with Christophe PRADERE, International Brand Strategist Consultant.

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