Managers and employees support digital transformation, but see room for improvement

Digital transformation has widespread support among managers and employees, but some think that the pace of change at their companies could be faster, they could be more involved than they are, and they are unsure of how it will affect their jobs or pay, according to a global survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

People at all levels believe that the transformation to digital technologies and methods has helped their organizations wether the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and will aid recovery efforts. Workers overwhelmingly approve of how their companies have applied digital transformation to combat the COVID-19 crisis. Worldwide, 89% of managers and 84% of employees believe digital is helping their companies get through the economic slowdown that the pandemic created.

Companies could speed up the evolution by providing more training and upskilling, which is needed to help people pick up the capabilities that they need to work in new roles or in different ways. That could describe, for instance, automotive engineers who need to learn software development in order to work on autonomous-vehicle technology, or research and development specialists who must understand data science in order to develop future scenarios.

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